Yousuf bin Mohammad

Mar 14, 2021

Yousuf bin Mohammad is a poet based in New Delhi. Some of his works have appeared in renowned literary journals like 'The Ghazal Page', 'Eastlit', 'The Society of Classical Poets', 'Transom' etc.

Apart from English poetry, Yousuf also participates in Urdu mushaira occasionally. His Urdu-Hindi poems have appeared on reputed platforms like 'Rekhta', 'Posham Pa', 'Daleel', 'Swargvibha' etc.

Yousuf's first collection of poetry titled 'Screeching of The Quill' is in the pipeline.

Nom de plume : Gada Dehlvi

Date of birth: 15 February 1991

Place of birth: Dubai UAE

Place of residence: Delhi India

Phone number: +919818717462

Email address: